Mañana Habit

August 24, 2008 § Leave a comment

I have been working for almost three years now, at first I was so aggressive accomplishing all my tasks and goals. But as years pass and experiencing a lot of things on my career. One attitude that I developed- “Mañana Habit”.

First let us define what Mañana Habit is.. Mañana is a Spanish word meaning “Tomorrow” or “At an specified future time”. In short, it is exactly described as “Procrastination”.

In Filipino terms, Mañana Habit means “Mamaya na” or “Do it Later”. Which results in a very unorganized way of doing things, specifically for office tasks because it affects the overall performance of an employee. Skipping deadlines, stress and anxiety are just some effects of that habit.

Why am I sharing this? Simply because I couldn’t get rid of that problem. I’ve realized that this malpractice is hard to remove. Based from my experience, this really affects my overall performance in work.

Many of my colleagues says “magaling ka kwing, tamad ka lang”, meaning I’ve got a talent but it’s just I’m too lazy to do things. Why? Simply because I am easily distracted by my surroundings, events, ideas that pops out of my mind. Leaving the work pending and my mind is wandering all over.

The sad part is, you can prolong the task, but you cannot hold your deadline. Which is very disastrous. I’ve been to a lot of non-beneficial feelings because of procrastination. What I can do now is to “change” the way I am right now and to have “discipline”. It may be too late for projects that didn’t meet the deadline but definitely it isn’t too late for a change. I know I can get better than this.

“A wise person does at once, what a fool does at last. Both do the same thing; only at different times.Lord Acton


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